Magnolia Terrace Senior Living is Hosting Baby Show at the Monroe County Fair

You won’t want to miss this adorable, just-for-fun contest for babies 23 months and under.  Boys and girls will be judged separately for “Best Smile”, “Prettiest” and “Most Handsome” and “Best Fair Attire” (cowboy/cowgirl/Western).  Contest takes place on Sunday, July 30th in the Fine Arts Building at 6:00 P.M.  More information and a printable registration form can be found here


Transitional Care Center, Evergreen Pointe Approved

approved-transparentOn Tuesday, September 6, the Monroe County Commissioners approved the construction of a new transitional care center at Oak Hill which will be called Evergreen Pointe.  This new construction will be added to the end of Sycamore and Maple halls and will include seven long term private rooms and a short term rehab unit that will accommodate fourteen private rooms.  The construction is scheduled to start September 27, 2016 and will be completed by May, 2017.

Oak Hill continues to strive to meet the needs of our community in Monroe County.  Evergreen Pointe will provide rehabilitation services in a private environment focusing on the needs of those that will only need therapy and assistance for a short period of time.

Join us for our groundbreaking celebration.


Local Law Enforcement Visits Oak Hill

Oak Hill residents and employees wore blue on Tuesday, August 23 to show their support and to honor our local law enforcement.  Officers from the Waterloo department and Sheriff’s department visited and were given badge shaped cookies along with hand dipped ice cream to enjoy.  Thank you to Kermit from the Republic Times for taking the photo below.

Law Enforcement Recognition at Oak Hill

Oak Hill Healthcare Scholarship Application

The Annual Resident Council Healthcare Scholarship deadline is fast approaching. April 18th is the last day to turn in applications. This year, the Resident Council has decided to give away two $500.00 scholarships to applicants who are seeking a career in healthcare (nursing, doctor, therapy, medical tech, dental tech, etc.) and are residents of Monroe County. Applications can be picked up from Shirley Stafford in the activity department or from the receptionist. Applicants must be a resident of Monroe County.

——— Oak Hill Wins Best Overall Float ——— ———2015 Waterloo Homecoming Parade———


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Top 5 Names for New Transitional Care Unit

COMING Fall 2016 . . . Oak Hill is adding a transitional care unit with thirteen private beds with a dining room and common areas including a courtyard.

 It’s time to vote again. This time you’ll be voting from the five top names from your suggestions for a name for our new unit Remember when you vote that the name should complement the Oak Hill theme which includes all of our hallways that were given names of trees.   It should also convey a sense of wellness or rehabilitation.

Forms to enter your suggestion for a name will be available at the receptionist desk and will be accepted through September 22. One vote per person as the winner of the contest will receive $100.   Feel free to add a slogan with your vote.


Here are your top 5 names:


The Seasons at Oak Hill

The Groves of Oak Hill

Evergreen Pointe

Acorn Grove

The Courtyard at Oak Hill


New Transitional Care Unit

It is an exciting time at Oak Hill as work proceeds to add a new transitional care unit to the services offered at Oak Hill. This project was approved by the Monroe County Board of Commissioners on July 6. The purpose of this addition will be to provide services to those who are just coming to Oak Hill for a short-term rehabilitative stay while recovering from a surgery or illness such as a hip fracture, knee replacement, stroke, etc.  

This new unit will be placed at the end of Sycamore Hall and will wrap around to the end of Maple Hall at a 90 degree angle which will also result in an enclosed courtyard. An additional therapy area will be added along with 13-15 private rooms.   The addition will have its own dining and living areas. The unit will be staffed with a higher ratio of RNs to care for the needs on the unit which will often be post-surgical.

Along with this addition, Maple Hall will also receive a transformation. Rooms 605-608 will become a dining and living room. This living room area will bump out to add a sunroom in part of the new enclosed courtyard created from the addition. These four semi-private rooms that currently accommodate eight residents will be replaced with eight private rooms.

The changes on Maple Hall will allow for more visiting areas by adding the living room and sunroom. Many times all of the visiting areas are quite crowded. The dining area on Maple Hall will help reduce some of the wait time currently experienced due to the limited capacity of the existing dining room.

At this time, the unit is projected to open in the Fall of 2016. Oak Hill is asking for your help to name our new unit. The name should complement the Oak Hill theme which includes all of our hallways that were given names of trees.   It should also convey a sense of wellness or rehabilitation. Forms to enter your suggestion for a name will be available at the receptionist desk and will be accepted through August 21. From those names, the top 5 names will be chosen and placed on a ballot to decidethe best name.   The winner of the contest will receive $100.



Waterloo City Shirts

Oak Hill and Magnolia Terrace are being featured on the city of Waterloo

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Magnolia Terrace a cornerstone of senior living

Magnolia Terrace Supportive Living in Waterloo provides senior citizens with a highly satisfactory and cost-effective solution for affordable, residential living and support services.  Because of this unique Illinois program, supportive living residents can live affordably and independently in an environment where personal choice, dignity, privacy, and individuality are emphasized.  Residents residing at Magnolia Terrace come from all walks of life.  Additionally, Magnolia Terrace residents benefit from a sense of community and feeling of camaraderie that living among peers and having the option to socialize on a regular basis offers.

Seniors living at Magnolia Terrace vary in their needs for support services.  Some require help with meals, housekeeping, or laundry.  Others need help with medications or daily activities like bathing, dressing, and grooming.  In order for seniors to qualify for supportive living, they must be able to participate in their care and cannot have health needs that require skilled, 24-hour nursing care.

Seniors that choose to live at Magnolia Terrace also have the benefit of being part of a community.  Oak Hill has been caring for the needs of seniors in Monroe County for more than six decades.  Healthcare needs are never predictable.  When an unforeseen medical need arises.  Magnolia Terrace residents have the peace of mind knowing they have priority access to the skilled care unit at Oak Hill.

Magnolia Terrace understands the importance of independence, including financial independence.  Supportive living provides a sensible solution to the growing need for affordable housing and support services for senior cityizens in our community, making the Magnolia Terrace lifestyle affordable to all.  In some situations, assisted living insurance policies and veteran’s benefits can apply.

Contact our community services director today and experience life at Magnolia Terrace Senior Supportive Living Apartments.

Your Hometown Rehabilitation Services

Monroe County has a rich history of caring for the members of our community.  Since 1951, Oak Hill has proven itself as a leader in senior rehabilitation services.  The short-term rehabilitation program at Oak Hill offers the perfect choice for people who need a transition from hospital to home.

The combination of medical expertise and dedication of the staff at Oak Hill makes your recovery after a stroke, heart attack, orthopedic surgery and many other medical needs, a smooth transition back to the community.   Caregivers at Oak Hill will meet with you and your family during your stay to develop an individualized plan of care to help you regain your strength and independence.  The team of caregivers at Oak Hill is lead by a board certified geriatrician that provides seniors of Monroe County the most comprehensive program in the area.  With this team approach, you will have the best opportunity to get back to doing what you love most.

Oak Hill is proud to celebrate over 60 years of service to the residents of Monroe County.  The dedication from the community which includes the staff, volunteers, and financial supporters continues to allow Oak Hill to excel in rehabilitating seniors in the community that they live in.

It is always encouraged that you select where you will receive your post-hospital rehabilitation services prior to entering the hospital.  Schedule an individualized consulation today and discover why Oak Hill is your choice for short-term rehabilitation.