Magnolia Terrace a cornerstone of senior living

Magnolia Terrace Supportive Living in Waterloo provides senior citizens with a highly satisfactory and cost-effective solution for affordable, residential living and support services.  Because of this unique Illinois program, supportive living residents can live affordably and independently in an environment where personal choice, dignity, privacy, and individuality are emphasized.  Residents residing at Magnolia Terrace come from all walks of life.  Additionally, Magnolia Terrace residents benefit from a sense of community and feeling of camaraderie that living among peers and having the option to socialize on a regular basis offers.

Seniors living at Magnolia Terrace vary in their needs for support services.  Some require help with meals, housekeeping, or laundry.  Others need help with medications or daily activities like bathing, dressing, and grooming.  In order for seniors to qualify for supportive living, they must be able to participate in their care and cannot have health needs that require skilled, 24-hour nursing care.

Seniors that choose to live at Magnolia Terrace also have the benefit of being part of a community.  Oak Hill has been caring for the needs of seniors in Monroe County for more than six decades.  Healthcare needs are never predictable.  When an unforeseen medical need arises.  Magnolia Terrace residents have the peace of mind knowing they have priority access to the skilled care unit at Oak Hill.

Magnolia Terrace understands the importance of independence, including financial independence.  Supportive living provides a sensible solution to the growing need for affordable housing and support services for senior cityizens in our community, making the Magnolia Terrace lifestyle affordable to all.  In some situations, assisted living insurance policies and veteran’s benefits can apply.

Contact our community services director today and experience life at Magnolia Terrace Senior Supportive Living Apartments.

Your Hometown Rehabilitation Services

Monroe County has a rich history of caring for the members of our community.  Since 1951, Oak Hill has proven itself as a leader in senior rehabilitation services.  The short-term rehabilitation program at Oak Hill offers the perfect choice for people who need a transition from hospital to home.

The combination of medical expertise and dedication of the staff at Oak Hill makes your recovery after a stroke, heart attack, orthopedic surgery and many other medical needs, a smooth transition back to the community.   Caregivers at Oak Hill will meet with you and your family during your stay to develop an individualized plan of care to help you regain your strength and independence.  The team of caregivers at Oak Hill is lead by a board certified geriatrician that provides seniors of Monroe County the most comprehensive program in the area.  With this team approach, you will have the best opportunity to get back to doing what you love most.

Oak Hill is proud to celebrate over 60 years of service to the residents of Monroe County.  The dedication from the community which includes the staff, volunteers, and financial supporters continues to allow Oak Hill to excel in rehabilitating seniors in the community that they live in.

It is always encouraged that you select where you will receive your post-hospital rehabilitation services prior to entering the hospital.  Schedule an individualized consulation today and discover why Oak Hill is your choice for short-term rehabilitation.