Success Stories

Oak Hill is Complete, Caring and Compassionate

Coming to Oak Hill for Rehab after a back surgery at 81 years old was the best choice for me.  Words alone cannot express my complete gratitude to each and every one of the staff.  They each do a complete, caring and compassionate job to help each resident at Oak Hill.

Thank you, Anna Lawlor


Anna Lawlor

Anna Lawlor was able to return to her home in the community after her stay at Oak Hill.






“My Goal is to Walk in the Relay For Life Event.”

I had limited my physical activity for so long because of knee pain. I finally chose to have a Total Knee Replacement. Within 1 week of rehabilitation at Oak Hill, I was able to return home alone. I was so glad I chose to come to Oak Hill for additional therapy. I don’t think I would have been able to do as much on my own as soon as I did without their aggressive therapy. My goal for 2013 is to walk in the Randolph County Relay for Life Event. I am so proud to be a 13 year cancer survivor and now able to participate in the Survivor Lap again. Thank you Oak Hill — Esther Hinrichs

“I was a little reluctant coming here”

But since I couldn’t do anything on my own, like cook and clean, I decided I needed to go someplace where I wasn’t alone and was as close to a home as I could get. – Magnolia Terrace Resident

“My Home Sweet Home”

There is no place in this time of my life I’d rather be than here in Magnolia Terrace. –Magnolia Terrace Resident